First Batch

On Sunday Jacky and I got together to dye our first batch. I’m using Procion dye which I have a lot to share with Jacky. Procion dye takes longer to react to fabric. We tried many techniques from Glennis’s lesson. We are lucky to have various shapes we have been collecting. I recently renovated our home and there were leftover mosaic pieces from the bathroom and kitchen. We also cut up some CD-Roms.

All pieces are from silk kimono lining. Some of them were rejected pieces that I natural dyed previously. I actually like them better with the imprints of leaves or flowers. I added the really fragile pieces (top right corner) into the dye bath to soak up the leftover dye.

I’m happy with the result of the first batch and looking forward to do some stitching Shibori soon.



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test post for shibori workshop

This is my test post for the shibori technique workshop with Glennis Dolce. I’m new to WordPress, still finding my way. It’s really fun I like it so far.

Hi all, it’s good to be here. i haven’t started dyeing yet. i will be using procion dye which i already have a lot of. it takes longer for the dye to react with the fabric. i will see how it goes.

in the image was a batch of rainbow coloured fabric  i did last year. like glennis said in her video this was from the leftover.

it looks like fun so far. i will get my hand in the dye this weekend!

Please leave me a comment if you are reading this



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my first shibori

my first try at shibori. it was okay i enjoyed it!

i’m taking an online workshop with the master at shibori girl

hopefully by the end of the workshop i will learn a thing or two of the art of shibori.

this is my first post with


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