Arashi Shibori

I was reluctant to try Arashi Shibori for ages fearing the steaming part of the process! Deanna said in her comments that steaming only creates the pleats. If I don’t care about the pleats I can dye without steaming. So here is my first Arashi Shibori. It was harder than it looked when Glennis did it. I didn’t have any gadgets to work with; only this drum- like tube. After a lot of winding I did not feel that I did all that well. Even so, I decided to put it in the dye bath as it was.

I had dyed the silk yellow the previous day. After the winding I dipped it in turquoise. I left it overnight for the color to react.  When I unwrapped it after 24 hours I wasn’t totally happy with it. I feel that the winding needs more work to it.

I might have to over dye it with something. Maybe black or grey, but at the moment here is my first Arashi Shibori!



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6 Responses to Arashi Shibori

  1. Dot says:

    This is beautiful Nat

  2. coolquilting says:

    Beautiful- it is nice to be able to see this fabric close up, compared to the smaller images on the workshop blog. I love the irregularities in the patterns from the folds and the blending of the dyes.

  3. Fiona says:

    It looks lovely almost like a dragonflies wing.

  4. smittenness says:

    This is beautiful, really delicate lines. I’m just waiting for the weather to clear up over here (UK) then I’ll be getting stuck into this myself. Your posts are very inspiring, thank you! Vanessa

  5. smittenness says:

    Meant to add, hope it’s OK I’ve added your pics to my Japanese Dyeing mood board on Pinterest. They’re the first ones up!

  6. gail says:

    Very pretty piece. I’m wanting to switch from mx dyes to eco-dying. You mention winding the silk. What does that mean?

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