Komasu Shibori with Natural Dye

Autumn is well and truly here in Australia. With all the Autumn leaves beginning to fall I thought of experimenting with some leaves from trees in my neighborhood. This is the first Autumn since I started experimenting with natural dye. I don’t usually put any fabric in the dye pot until I see the colour the leaves produce. Today I’m dyeing with Pin Oak leaves (Quercus palustris). The leaves were nice and red, but they felt crisp and dried so I thought they wouldn’t give out much colour. To my surprise after 25-30 minutes of boiling a deep orange colour started to appear. I quickly stitched up a piece of Komasu Shibori and dropped it in the dye pot.

This is what I got after 30 minutes.  I left it in the dye pot for a further 24 hours. After removing the stitchings the colour and texture looked good enough to eat! I was so eager to see the result that I forgot to take a photo before I untied the stitches. You can see how beautiful it looks!

I drew the square template right next to each other leaving less than an inch between them. I folded the fabric into quarters and only had two rows of stitching along the length of the cloth.

I haven’t try Arashi Shibori yet because I don’t like the idea of steaming the reactive dye in my kitchen! I will have to find way of steaming it outside!



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4 Responses to Komasu Shibori with Natural Dye

  1. deanna7trees says:

    beautiful results, Nat. it looks like a meringue pie. you don’t have to steam the arashi shibori unless you want the pleats to be permanent. i didn’t steam any of my pieces.

  2. Ger says:

    No wonder you´re happy with this…

  3. nalejo says:

    what do to set the color?

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