Komasu Shibori

This is my second try on Komasu Shibori. I was very happy how it turned out the first time so I wanted to try it again in a different colour. I used the whole width of kimono silk which is 14.5″ wide and 2 meters long. I divided the piece into 4 sections and stitched on the folds. The tube looked like a caterpillar with sharp spikes before I dyed it.

I made it as a  scarf for my trip to Japan with Glennis’ Silk Study Tour. Something to show and tell on the tour. I’m so happy how it turned out, but I will leave it longer next time I dye using this technique (I use Procion dyes for all my pieces). I was worried that the dye would be absorbed in all the areas. As Glennis said, it’s a life long experiment and I love it.

Happy Dyeing


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1 Response to Komasu Shibori

  1. deanna7trees says:

    a beautiful result. did you brush the paint on the tips? or dip it in the dye?

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